Client Spotlight: Blasting off with ScaleFactor 🚀

By Melissa Boice

Local supporting local - it's a win/win! Homegrown and bootstrapped here in Austin, ScaleFactor is a back-office tool for small businesses. They automate accounting such as bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and bill pay so they can empower owners to focus on what they really want to be doing - running their business. We had the opportunity to speak with our East Austin neighbors about ScaleFactor life and how they used Sock Club custom socks.


Yanett holding custom sock scalefactorYanett posing with ScaleFactor’s custom socks at SXSW 2019.


ScaleFactor has seen a lot of growth lately. As they’ve grown, ScaleFactor’s been invited to participate in both local and national events.  According to Yanett burgueno, “We wanted a unique swag item, but something more elevated. Everybody can give out the typical pens and stickers, but we said, ‘Let’s think of something people won’t throw away.’ I honestly had no idea about the sock industry until you all.” 

ScaleFactor’s very first event featuring custom socks was through The Entrepreneurs' Organization. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) holds regional conferences once a year for members to get together for three days of fun, learning and events with speakers and panels. “We were invited to be a sponsor and gave out our custom socks from Sock Club,” said Yanett.


marketing specialist quote scalefactor

“We do see that in the business and tech world people are kind of sock crazy— I love that. I am sock crazy, too. I'm actually wearing the custom socks right now.” Having ‘#sockgame’ is such a bonding experience. If we are wearing a cool pair of socks and somebody else is too, we're going to show off our socks. Funky socks are a great icebreaker, and the funkier, the better. “We give custom socks to people one day, and the next day they're wearing them. It’s always awesome to see ScaleFactor on somebody else's ankles.”

Yannett and the ScaleFactor team granted our design team creative liberty with two requests: a city skyline and ScaleFactor-inspired art in the form of a rocket ship. The result? A fully-charged rocket careening across a miniature Austin skyline - in ScaleFactor’s company colors, of course. Yanett explained, “We use the rocket emoji when something big happens. Like when we hire 10 new people, we’ll add a little rocket to our announcement. The rocket is an emphasis of what we believe in at ScaleFactor— rapid growth, going up and power. We have so many rocket drawings in our office, t-shirt designs and murals that we’ve created. It’s a sign we always keep pushing.”

And keep pushing they do. In 2018, ScaleFactor amassed a 700% increase in customer growth in its third quarter and unveiled a new office in East Austin earlier this year. They’ve quadrupled their team, too! Learn more about what’s launching at ScaleFactor here.


Our editorial style spotlight series features case studies of Sock Club clients.

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